De 3e Japan Market


The third Japan Market organized by JCE took place in the Lloyd Hotel on the 29th November. Despite the unfortunate weather, there were about 1260 visitors and the market had a great and dynamic atmosphere.

We had more and big variety of participants , compared to the 2nd Japan Market which took place in June.

In the last Japan Market, most of the foods sold out shortly after it opened and that disappointed quite many visitors. To avoid the same situation, we have introduced a new system and had more food booths, and it seemed it worked! There were freshly made “Taiyake” and Sushi, nostalgic sweets for the Japanese and many more Delicious things.


And drinks!



The Non-Food participants were also very diverse, from shops dealing with Japanese products to individuals making their own products in small lot.


You could also get Shiatsu therapy.


Origami workshop.


The Japan Market is growing as a platform for people to enjoy and discover many aspects of “Japan”. It also stimulates a lot of new meetings and exchanges of ideas. JCE staffs are very happy to feel that the Japan Market is attracting wider range of Dutch people , and foreigners and the Japanese based in the Netherlands.


Many people asked us when the next Japan Market would take place and about the participation during the market. It has not been decided yet, but probably will be somewhere in the spring / sumer in 2016.

Thank you all the visitors, participants, and staffs of Lloyd hotel for making such a great day!

Photo: Hiroshi Ono