JCE intern diary, vol 1; I am Tomoki from Tokyo


Hello!! I’m Tomoki Ono. I work at JCE as an internship. I would like to introduce myself at this timing when I get used to working here.

I am an exchange student at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam from Tama Art University in Tokyo. I arrived at Amsterdam in the end of August, and I have a plan to stay until March in 2016.


In Tama Art University, I major in textile design. It is about studying design and techniques of fiber and cloth. I am also majoring in textile design at Gerrit Rietveld Academie. This depatment is called TxT that means Textile x Text.

As the name of the deparment indicates, its lessons value contexts of artworks throughout working processes. At the starting point of lessons, we investigate designs that already exists and consider it from all aspects; human traces, values and added-values. We develop our own story through it. Describing human senses and emotions with writing helps me to get a different perspectives

Differences of working process between Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Tama Art University let me consider about my working style. How the assignments start is different; TxT gives us a subject as a starting point, on the other hand in Tama Art University, they tend to give a basic technique as a starting point. I feel it is meaningful to experience both approaches.

DSCN1767Weaving studio of Tama Art University

I have set my purpose of studying in the Netherlands in advance when I applied for the exchange program. It is about researching design as universal visual language. I want to learn how to create and how to use it. I think there are a lot of interesting designs in the Netherlands; from government systems to products. They work as communication tools.

It is difficult to spread good points of Japan to people who live in the Netherlands. But it is also a good opportunity for me to re-consider about Japan objectively through working at JCE.

In this JCE intern diary series, I will write my thoughts which occur in my mind through living in the Netherlands.

Tot ziens!