Banshu Hamono

The special event of Banshu Hamono(knives and scissors from Banshu) where all the products of Banshu Hamono were exhibited took place at JCE on the 12th and 13th in this month.


The event started off from the speech and a brief introduction from JCE, and a designer Mr,Kobayashi who is the producer of Banshu Hamono took over and introduced every kinds products with thorough explanations.

All the products of Banshu Hamono are produced by hightly skilled craftmans. in Ono city, located in south western part of Hyogo prefecture. Besides having a very beautiful appearance, once you touch, you can feel they are so well designed for the actual use. With the right weight, the feel of material and the form, they give you a special satisfaction of the use. And, of course, the sharpness is outstanding.

A craftman make products from the scratch to the finish by himself. And each kind of products has its own specialized craftman.


In the event, the material samples of the each process of production of Nigiri-basami(scissors you can hold within your hand to cut threads) and the video capturing the work of the craftman for Nigiri-basami were exhibited as well.

The processes of a piece of steel become a scissors triggered curiosity of visitors.


There is a fact that many of local craft industries in Japan are facing the problem of having serious lack of craftmans from younger generation. The scissors and knives industry in Ono-city also faces the same problem. Banshu Hamono project was initiated by the director and designer Mr.Kobayashi , and started with the objective of changing the current situation with the problems

The project is receiving a high recognition and getting more attention with its activities in Japan. It was also selected 2 years in a row as one of the projects in “MORE THAN PROJECT”, which is a programme organized by Japanese ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to support small and medium sized companies and projects aiming to expand their activities and market outside of Japan.

The problem occurring while they market outside of Japan is that there is not enough information and knowledge to maintain the Japanese knives and scissors correctly shared among people. Therefore it is crucial to deliver the knowledge for the correct use and the culture of sharpening as well as the products themselves. Establishing the way to do that is one of the biggest task for them.

In this event, Mr.Kobayashi also demonstration of sharpening. Visitors were curiously observing and asking many questions too.


It was a fantastic opportunity to find out about the evolving Banshu Hamono project as well as to experience the wonderful knives and scissors.

Thank you very much for those who had a visit to the event, and Mr and Mrs Kobayashi!


Photo; Misato Kobayashi