Japanese pop-up gift market

Gift market by local Japanese artists
Kyoko Kimono / haruka matsuo / ShinkaQ &
MONO JAPAN online shop
& ...
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Website design “Holland & Kyoto”!

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands focuses its cultural activities on Kyoto in 2019. JCE created their new ...
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Hello everyone, my name is Yamina and starting December 2018 I have been working as an intern for JCE. It ...
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Repairing your ceramics by Kintsugi

Our Kintsugi master Mrs. Mio Heki is here to repair your ceramics! She can repair your favorite tableware beautifully with ...
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Holland House, the cookie was delicious, dough.

After a three weeks business trip to Japan, the director of JCE came back with a very odd souvenir. ‘Japanese ...
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Kintsugi workshop

*This workshop was organized in 2018. We’ll organize it again in autumn 2019. JCE will be organizing another Kintsugi workshop ...
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Material Experience

Hello everyone, this is Munetake. Let me report about the interesting event, “Material Experience 2018”, which happened between the 13th ...
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On 3rd of March, the event called “JAPAN DAY” was held in Leiden. This event was organised by a travel ...
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JAPAN DAY by Maartje

Every event has its own purpose. Organizers intend to accomplish something by putting on an event. In turn, participants and ...
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