MONO JAPAN by Tomoko

Hello, this is Tomoko. I would like to look back and talk about MONO JAPAN, which I joined as volunteer staff. Even though I cannot write sentences like Masako, but I hope you will read it like an experience report. Because MONO JAPAN is the reason I started to think about an internship at JCE, … Meer lezen

Opening Time & Style

*Nederlandse versie onderaan* Living overseas, we tend to observe our own culture objectively in the neutral position and feel vividly and strongly on both positive and negative respective. By going through this, we sometimes re-discover new acknowledgements on our own culture that we’ve never noticed.  Unfortunately, we scarcely admit that we carry on definite traditional … Meer lezen

Tomoko’s 2016 in the Netherlands

Hello, I’m Tomoko. It’s already 4 month since I came here, it was very short but very long time for me. I want to look back for my life or discoveries. I spent these days working as an intern at Schiphol airport as my school project, and also working at JCE on weekend, and every … Meer lezen

Lezing van Unagino-Nedoko

Gisteren waren CEO van Unagino-Nedoko, Takahiro Shiramizu en tolk/collega Rei Watanabe bij DutchCulture voor een lezing over de organisatie en met wat voor projecten ze bezig zijn geweest. Ikzelf had ze gisterochtend pas voor het eerst leren kennen en kort gesproken dus ik wist er nog vrij weinig over, maar gelukkig gaven ze diezelfde dag … Meer lezen

Arita Porselein van Nu – Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

1: Vazen, Kakiemon (Japan) Op 21 april 2016 nam Emiko mij mee naar de perspreview voor de tentoonstelling van het Arita porselein in het Rijksmuseum te Amsterdam. Geschiedenis Arita en Nederland In 1616 ontstond voor het eerst het Arita porselein door hulp van de Koreaanse pottenbakkers. Deze pottenbakkers woonden in de omgeving van Arita. Met … Meer lezen

Japan Open Café in Lloyd Hotel

Op de avond van woensdag 24 februari werd er het eerste Japan Open Café georganiseerd in samenwerking met het Lloyd hotel. De avond stond voornamelijk in het thema van de vrouwenrechten in Japan, en hier werd een korte presentatie over gegeven door Ingrid Houtkooper. Ingrid is Japanologe en bezig met het promotieonderzoek voor vrouwen en … Meer lezen

Interview with Mr. Kore-eda

We had a chance to interview Mr. Kore-eda, the director of “Our Little Sister” yesterday! We could have a insightful talk with him about the film, cultural differences and such. The interview will be published in the early December around when “Our Little Sister” starts to be screened in the Netherlands. “Mubii Japan“, the special … Meer lezen

Repair Café

I was told that there is a monthly event called Repair café where volunteer workers repair things you bring. Even though I only had very limited information about it, I was quite interested and decided to visit it with my sad teddy bear from a second hand store. This teddy bear has a slightly human … Meer lezen

Amsterdam Gay Pride 2015

The Amsterdam Gay Pride took place last week. It started in 1996, since then ever year it happens from the last week of July to the first week of August. Amsterdam Gay Pride is not only one of the biggest amongst the gay pride events in the world but also one of the notable events … Meer lezen