Repairing your ceramics by Kintsugi

Our Kintsugi master Mrs. Mio Heki is here to repair your ceramics! She can repair your favorite tableware beautifully with gold or silver depending on your preference.  How it works Step 1 Send your request for Kintsugi repair including the following information and pictures of the ceramics to JCE. Size and the thickness of the ceramics Information … Meer lezen

Kintsugi workshop

JCE will be organizing another Kintsugi workshop in July. This will be the third time that the lacquer master Mio-san will come all the way from Kyoto to give the workshop. Japanese people who appreciate tableware and their mealtime are accustomed to using the same tableware as long as possible by repairing it with lacquer … Meer lezen

Japanese paper making workshop on 23rd April

This was the first Japanese paper making workshop in this year! It has been very popular, but it was small group this time. The participants could learn more intensively because it was small group. We first learned the history and the background of paper making in Japan. The materials and the process. After the short … Meer lezen

Sashiko workshop (12 maart)

Vandaag werd de Sashiko workshop gehouden. De ochtendworkshop startte om half 10 en de middagworkshop om 1 uur. Ook al was de ochtendworkshop erg vroeg, er waren veel deelnemers gekomen. Sashiko betekent in het Japans ‘kleine steken’. Dit is een vorm van decoratief verstevigende naaitechnieken. Het wordt traditioneel gebruikt om stukken in kleding te verstevigen … Meer lezen

Sashiko workshop

De eerste JCE workshop van het jaar was de Sashiko Workshop. De populariteit van denim, aizome en gescheurde kleren heeft de belangstelling en interesse in de Sashiko workshop zeer laten groeien in tegenoverstelling tot de vorige keer. De ochtend en middag editie van de workshop waren al snel achter elkaar compleet volgeboekt. De deelnemers waren … Meer lezen

JCE’s workshop series “Japanese Hand Work” 2016

“Japanese Hand Work” is JCE’s workshop series that offers an experience of various Japanese craft techniques. Several workshops such as Kintsugi(mending technique for broken ceramics and porcelains) workshop and Wood block printing workshop took place this year. We had very diverse(age, nationalities, gender,,etc.) participants and  we were happy to get a lot of positive reactions on the … Meer lezen

Kintsugi workshop

Kintsugi workshop was taken place in the last weekend. We were very happy to have both Saturday and Sunday fully booked. Thank you! The workshop leaders, Botan and Hirokichi, are artists working mainly with painting. They participated Deshima Art in residence programme in 2013 where they researched the sense of color of Dutch people thought … Meer lezen