Kintsugi workshop

JCE will be organizing another Kintsugi workshop in July. This will be the third time that the lacquer master Mio-san will come all the way from Kyoto to give the workshop. Japanese people who appreciate tableware and their mealtime are accustomed to using the same tableware as long as possible by repairing it with lacquer … Meer lezen

Material Experience

Hello everyone, this is Munetake. Let me report about the interesting event, “Material Experience 2018”, which happened between the 13th and the 15th of March. Material Experience is an exhibition about the various uses of innovative materials. This annual event has been held for 5 years, which is run by the organisation called Materia. The avenue is … Meer lezen

Looking back at MONO JAPAN

The people I have met and the things I have experienced are only because I worked at a Japanese modern art and craft fair in the Netherlands. Looking back at MONO JAPAN 2018, working with people who have various backgrounds was the biggest plus for me. While we were preparing for MONO JAPAN and during … Meer lezen

Internship blog: Mike’s goodbye

Happy new year everyone! This is everyone’s favourite intern Mike, checking in to write his final JCE blog. My 18 week internship at Japan Cultural Exchange is coming to an official close Friday the 12th. I figured I’d tell all of you interested in what we do at JCE what I’ve been up to in … Meer lezen

Super T-market × Japan market

Super T market   Hi, everyone, On December 5th, in Amsterdam, there was an event called Super T market held by a Japanese pianist and artist, Tomoko Mukaiyama. Super T market is a mixed event of piano concert of Tomoko and Japan market, where a lot of Japanese exhibitions such as Sushi, Japanese sake, and … Meer lezen

Japanese students’ Study Tour in Holland

1.Youth journeys from Japan On August, 2017, 8 elementary and middle school students from Higashi Sonogi in Nagasaki visited Leiden in The Netherlands. Higashi Sonogi is an area in Nagasaki prefecture which prospered along Nagasaki Street in the Edo era. Siebold, who is a German and visited Japan at that time as a surgeon of … Meer lezen