Repairing your ceramics by Kintsugi

Our Kintsugi master Mrs. Mio Heki is here to repair your ceramics! She can repair your favorite tableware beautifully with gold or silver depending on your preference. 

How it works

Step 1 Send your request for Kintsugi repair including the following information and pictures of the ceramics to JCE.

  • Size and the thickness of the ceramics
  • Information about the damage
  • Pictures of the ceramics

Be sure to tell us any additional information or requests, as well as your preference on whether you want the repair to be done with gold or silver.

Please note that it is possible to repair if you can’t provide us with all the broken pieces, the missing part can be filled, but the cost of repair will be more expensive. The extent of the damage of the ceramics is reflected in the price of the repair. Thus, ceramics that are broken more thoroughly will be more expensive to repair.

Step 2 JCE will send you the estimated costs for repair by kintsugi, and how long it will take to send the repaired ceramics back to you.

Step 3 You can bring/send the ceramic to JCE. Please make sure to pack the ceramics carefully as not to damage it further during transit.

Step 4 JCE will send them to Mio in Japan, where she will repair them and then send it back to you.


Regarding shipment

Because the costs for shipment will differ considerably depending on the number, size and weight of the ceramics, we are unable to provide a flat rate for shipment. Therefore, we’d like to kindly ask you to cover the costs for shipment yourself.
Cost of shipment from you to JCE: paid by you
Cost of shipment between JCE and Japan: added to the invoice
In the event that the ceramics are damaged during transit, neither JCE nor Ms. Mio will be held accountable.

Request Kintsugi repair

If you wish to order Kintsugi repair, please send an email to JCE with the detailed info and pictures.


[Left] This pot is finished with gold. It was broken into 6 to 8 pieces. This cost for repair of similar damage would be around 300 euros. [Middle] This big, black plate (30cm) was finished with silver. The damage of this plate was relatively easy to repair, so the reparation cost for similar damage would be around 150 euro. [Right] This cup has a small chip on the edge. The costs for repairing the similar damage would be around 70 euros.