Super T-market × Japan market

Super T market


Hi, everyone,

On December 5th, in Amsterdam, there was an event called Super T market held by a Japanese pianist and artist, Tomoko Mukaiyama. Super T market is a mixed event of piano concert of Tomoko and Japan market, where a lot of Japanese exhibitions such as Sushi, Japanese sake, and the modern arts were displayed. This time, I participated in this market not as a customer but as one of the assistants. At the venue even on the day of Sinterklaas many people mingled taking food and beverage and eventually the event was covered with a lively mood. On the contrary, as soon as the concert stated, everyone got quiet and listened to Tomosko’s playing. Even me, who was seeing the stage behind the visitors could see that all the people were just paying attention toward the front. This was all because of previous heads up that the organizer asked the exhibitors not to campaign during the entertainment and all people cooperated with each other well.


The most impressive thing I found is that the event of contemporary art which has strong factors of subculture was held in a church, which is a traditional architecture in the Netherlands. Japanese modern art event in European building in medieval era sounds like that you can find a lot of fusion, which literally create new art. In particular, a church that cuts off the sounds outside and the structure of the architecture inside that makes sounds echoed enables her playing to be further attractive, and the theater effect this church has made the audience further focus on her as well. Also, the church being the venue for the contemporary art represents how tolerant the Netherlands is. I found later De Duif, which is where Super T market was conducted is actually rented out for any kind of events. When I think anime’s event is carried out in temple in Japan, I feel it is strange or mismatched but Dutch people just positively accept the newness, which after all I saw the progresses of them.