New life and New work in a New country


My name is Jo Wakebe. I started working in JCE from today as an intern. I’m an exchange student and I’m going to stay in the Netherlands for a year.


Today, I was given an introduction about what I’ll work on here.


I’ll work on a lot more various things than I have expected.


The most impressive thing I heard today is about MONO JAPAN.

This is an exhibition of Japanese products with design and craftsmanship.


When I heard the process till the actual exhibition, I was surprised how complex it is, but at the same time, it will be satisfying to work hard on it.



Also, I realized that this place does let me try what I want to. In a flexible time schedule, I can do what I want to. 

I’m having interests in dealing with Japanese products introducing abroad in the future, I’m sure it will be a big step for me that I can experience working here.


I’ll keep updating the blog from now on.

Nice to meet you!