JCE intern’s blog: Potteries

Goeddemiddag! I already came back to Japan but still, have something which I’d like to
write in this article, please bear with me.
Today’s theme is “Pottery”.
During these months, I met some interesting potteries, I’d like to sum up my interest and
impressions in this article.
I went to Delft, in the Netherlands, Boleslaviec, in Poland and Bratislava in Slovakia.

First, about Delft pottery.
As soon as I finished my school program, I went to Royal Delft, a museum of delft potteries
in Delft.
This museum was the place I really wanted to go.
Ways to exhibit of potteries or histories were really effective for me, it was very easy to
understand and made me excited.
First, we saw movies about its history and making process and after that walked through
the museum with an audio guide. At the endpoint, we could walk around in the factory, too.
In this museum, there were many exhibitions, not only traditional potteries and making
process but also new design to suit to present life style in this country. I also saw a fashion
design exhibitions collaborated with a designer of a next generation. It was very interesting.
If you didn’t go yet, I really recommend going!

Second, about Boleslawiec, polish pottery.
Even if you haven’t heard this name before, you may saw its design before. I went to a birthplace of it, Boleslawiec, a small town at a border between Germany and Poland.My first impression of this town was that it was very different from tourist city like Krakow or

My first impression of this town was that it was very different from tourist cities like Krakow or Warszawa. A park near the station was left naturally, a beautiful square was a place for local people to gather, these sights made me feel sneaking in their lives.

A pottery museum was very simple and small that I could see all in 20 minutes. Unfortunately, because of my visiting time and reservation, I couldn’t enter to the factory, a shop next to it was filled with customers. There were some shops of its pottery in the town,
each shop dealing with different its design.

Though this town is famous for its pottery, there was a little atmosphere of sightseeing. It made me remind a fact that a craft was born from its local life.

Finally, about Bratislava.
Bratislava is a small town in Slovakia, it takes an hour by train from Wien. There were many interesting statues all over the town, it was small but had a vibrant feel. I’d like to write about potteries fascinated me at the corner of a small shop in the city.

In Slovakia, I heard it is famous for Maiolica pottery. What I found had completely different design from it, they were colored associating with flowers or plants, with various shapes. Every combination of colors or shapes were what I’d never seen before, it made me so excited. They were so wonderful!

I think it is the best part of handmade, each shape was different and more about these potteries, they had some imperfections which made it more fascinating. I stayed in there for a long time.

Although it is obvious, each country has its own culture and products born in there, there are so many things attract me. If you have a chance to go these cities, please check them, too.

By the way, I upload only a photo, Estonian design was also interesting!
Tomoko Kobayashi