JCE intern’s blog: Florence

JCE intern’s blog: Florence

Hello, I’m Tomoko. I haven’t written this for a long time.

I’d like to write about a craft fair in Florence, Italy. Since it was held at the end of this April, it’s a short while ago. Its name is ‘Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato’.

First, about the city Florence.

It is very famous, called a city of flowers and the birthplace of Renaissance culture.

At the center of the city, there is a Duomo and every roof of houses are unified with rose color. It was so beautiful orange city.

It is famous for leather crafts and marble paper, there are many craftsmen and its studios.

Also, there are many students studying its techniques at school.

I didn’t know before going there, many Japanese also studied Florentine traditional crafts techniques at there.

About this fair, a purpose of this event was to enjoy its traditional handicrafts and increase its market share. It was well established in there that most people living in this city already experienced before.

This fair was held in the Basso fortress, shaped with the Pentagon.

There is a similar shape of a fortress in Hokkaido, northern Japan, too.

In this fair, it had a homely atmosphere and we could see a wide range of products, from skincare, cosmetics to furniture.

At one of the booths of accessories, I saw matchbox was used for its packaging, with old style graphic designs of all over the world, included Japanese one.

Ways to exhibit their products were so interesting, like using rice under them.

This fair was really helpful to tell us how interesting or fascinating handicrafts were, without thinking about “tradition”.

Certainly, though it is important to succeed its techniques, first of all in this event, we could feel the warmth of handicrafts and find its fascination.

Not to be so formal like using “tradition” but be casual like “handicrafts”, it became much more familiar to us.

Since I started an intern at JCE with the theme of “To contribute to revitalizing Japanese traditional crafts and techniques”, it was really good opportunity for me to change my mind to be more flexible. I learned this from studying in my school also, I’d like to write in the different article.

For people who like to make something by themselves, it will be a good chance to get inspirations.

Florence itself is also a very beautiful city, I recommend to go there when you have a chance!