Japanese students’ Study Tour in Holland

1.Youth journeys from Japan On August, 2017, 8 elementary and middle school students from Higashi Sonogi in Nagasaki visited Leiden in The Netherlands. Higashi Sonogi is an area in Nagasaki prefecture which prospered along Nagasaki Street in the Edo era. Siebold, who is a German and visited Japan at that time as a surgeon of … Meer lezen

New life and New work in a New country

Hello! My name is Jo Wakebe. I started working in JCE from today as an intern. I’m an exchange student and I’m going to stay in the Netherlands for a year.   Today, I was given an introduction about what I’ll work on here.   I’ll work on a lot more various things than I … Meer lezen

JCE intern’s blog: Potteries

Goeddemiddag! I already came back to Japan but still, have something which I’d like to write in this article, please bear with me. Today’s theme is “Pottery”. During these months, I met some interesting potteries, I’d like to sum up my interest and impressions in this article. I went to Delft, in the Netherlands, Boleslaviec, … Meer lezen

JCE intern’s blog: Florence

Hello, I’m Tomoko. I haven’t written this for a long time. I’d like to write about a craft fair in Florence, Italy. Since it was held at the end of this April, it’s a short while ago. Its name is ‘Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato’. First, about the city Florence. It is very famous, called a city … Meer lezen