MONO JAPAN by Tomoko

Hello, this is Tomoko. I would like to look back and talk about MONO JAPAN, which I joined as volunteer staff. Even though I cannot write sentences like Masako, but I hope you will read it like an experience report. Because MONO JAPAN is the reason I started to think about an internship at JCE, … Meer lezen

Opening Time & Style

*Nederlandse versie onderaan* Living overseas, we tend to observe our own culture objectively in the neutral position and feel vividly and strongly on both positive and negative respective. By going through this, we sometimes re-discover new acknowledgements on our own culture that we’ve never noticed.  Unfortunately, we scarcely admit that we carry on definite traditional … Meer lezen

COOL JAPAN in Museum Volkenkunde!

COOL JAPAN Wereldwijde fascinatie in beeld Vanaf 14 april tot en met 17 september 2017 presenteert Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden de tentoonstelling ‘COOL JAPAN’, waar de hedendaagse populariteit van Japan geplaatst wordt in historische context. Er is van alles te beleven voor fans én nieuwkomers! Japan staat natuurlijk bekend om haar eeuwenoude tradities en cultuur, … Meer lezen