After the Storm

After the Storm – Hirokazu Kore-eda Hiroshi Abe, Yoko Maki, Satomi Kobayashi Drama, Family なりたいものになれた?or ‘Have you become what you wanted to be?’ Ryota Shinoda used to be an award-winning writer who had a beautiful wife and a son. Nowadays he is a divorced gamble-addict who can barely afford (or rather; not at all) to … Meer lezen After the Storm

Deepening our imagination over crafts

Nederlandse versie onderaan At JCE, we have one more volunteer, Mrs Masako Tashiro, she’s supporting JCE’s activities and she worked as interpreter for one of the exhibitors of MONO JAPAN. Through the experience of introducing her our own culture to the Dutch and European people, she gained new insights and inspiration. Generally speaking, people take … Meer lezen Deepening our imagination over crafts