MONO JAPAN 2017- Japanese Craft & Design –

Last February we Japan Cultural Exchange hold MONO JAPAN for the first time, which was to convey the background of Japan’s current product and Japanese manufacturing. And guess what, we’re going to make a comeback with even more vigour in February 2017! 26 exhibitors will come to Amsterdam, and 24 of them are from Japan. It’s going to be a large event as around 70 people will participate.

MONO JAPAN produced various achievements last time, which ranges from business to cultural projects. Japan Cultural Exchange has continued to help many creators step to the next level after the event.

Since our last event had a very good Netherlands, this time we decided to invite many experts and hold quite interesting lectures by them.
We have two themes in these lectures as follows; how was the influence of Japan’s manufacturing culture in the Netherlands, and how can the creative industry between the two countries influence and cooperate each other as well?

As workshops were very popular last time, a wider range of them will be held this year. These exhibitors will come from various parts of Japan, and therefore you must be going to have such rare experiences.

Well, here are the highlights of MONO JAPAN!

1. Pottery from the north western part of Kyushu gets together!
Stylish pottery from Nagasaki prefecture, Karatsu-yaki (“yaki” means “ware”) from Saga prefecture, Arita-yaki from “2016/ ARITA”, and Hasami-yaki from “Maruhiro””Asemi Co”. All of them are from the north western part of Kyushu.
We promise that they will strike a deep chord in your heart, as Japan was trading with the Netherlands based in Kyushu in the 17c.

2. Abundant textile manufacturer
Five companies are exhibiting their products to convey the attractiveness of Japanese textiles such as traditional dyeing and drawing (what we call “Some” and “Shibori”). And of course, we also hold workshops and lectures so that you can experience them.

3. Attractive new exhibitors
From plastic products to organic underwear. From playful exhibitions to where you can learn about the history of the production area. You can see the world of wide variety of manufacturing.

4. Tea room by architect Fumihiko Sano!
Great news. Tea room finally appears at Lloyd Hotel!
Mr. Fumihiko Sano who is currently dispatched abroad as a Japanese ambassador for civilization is making his own tea room in various countries around the world. In the Netherlands, a tea room is born at Lloyd Hotel, and it will be open to the public at the same time this event. During the event IZUMONO will host the tea ceremony in this room. Don’t miss the full-fledged tea ceremony!

5. Free entry for all lectures
We invite Dutch and Japanese experts for these programmes, and are going to approach Japanese manufacturing from various points of view. Then we will focus on the history of cooperation and manufacturing between Japan and the Netherlands -It will be absolutely exciting!

6. Enjoy Japanese food & drinks and trips during the exhibition!
We prepare loads of Japanese food and drinks at the Lloyd Hotel during MONO JAPAN. Also you can get information on the trip to Japan if you want to.

Period: 2 – 5 February 2017 (2nd Feb: press and professionals preview. By invitation only)
Time: 2nd -4th 11:00-20:00, 5th 11:00-18:00
Place: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
For more info, please check MONO JAPAN’s website (