Rachelle & Eri, JCE internship

JCE became 1 year old in February! In February, we have 2 internships! They are 2 young ladies, Rachelle and Eri. Rachelle is Dutch and Eri is Japanese.

They will work together with us and they will write blogs sometime about JCE and their working experiences, culture, events!

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*** Introduction from Rachelle ***

Hello, my name is Rachelle Verheijden and I am a 4th year student at Zuyd University, Maastricht. I am now in my final year of studying Japanese language and culture, and follow my internship at Japan Cultural Exchange.

The reason why I chose this company is because they host a lot of workshops and events concerning Japanese arts and culture, and bring the Dutch and Japanese people closer together.

With this blog I want to provide people information and insight in the activities of JCE and how it is to work in this company, and of course, its team.

I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I love writing it.


*** Introduction from Eri ***

Hi! I am Eri and come from Japan. I just started my internship at Japanese Cultural Exchange(JCE).

First, I would like to introduce myself. I am currently doing a one-year exchange at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The reason why I chose the Netherlands is because I wanted to go to a country whose mother language is not English, but a majority of people are actually fluent in speaking it.

In addition, “Dutch design” attracted me. In Rotterdam, I could find many modern architectures like the cube house and the Markthal.

Also the reason why I decided to do an internship in JCE is that I want more and more people in the Netherlands to know about the Japanese culture.

Here I met a lot of people who are very interested in Japanese culture, such like Anime, Manga, J-pop, Harajyuku-fashion, Sushi, Japanese camera and so on.

I was surprised that there are that many people who know about Japanese culture. Japan is far away from the Netherlands. For Dutch, Japan is ‘the far east’. I just felt happy that people in the Netherlands became interested in Japan. Because of this, I decided to work at JCE as my internship.

My internship has just started but I am already excited to work here!

I am going to post blogs as much as possible.

I hope that everyone who reads my articles can enjoy!