JCE’s workshop series “Japanese Hand Work” 2016

JCE’s workshop series “Japanese Hand Work” 2016

japanese hand work

Kintsugi workshop, 15/16 Aug 2015

“Japanese Hand Work” is JCE’s workshop series that offers an experience of various Japanese craft techniques. Several workshops such as Kintsugi(mending technique for broken ceramics and porcelains) workshop and Wood block printing workshop took place this year.

Wood block printing workshop
Wood block printing, workshop 20 June 2015

We had very diverse(age, nationalities, gender,,etc.) participants and  we were happy to get a lot of positive reactions on the workshops.

In 2016, the following three workshops are already planned. Please check!



Sashiko workshop /embroidery

27th February (sat), 13:00-15:30

45euro incl. BTW & material

Sashiko is a Japanese traditional embroidery technique that creates abstract and geometric pattern (structure) on fabric, which initially started as a practical solution for mending and reinforcing fabrics.

In the workshop you will learn the basic stitching techniques of Sashiko by trying some basic patterns.

Workshop Leader: Masaki Komoto



Watoji / Japanese stab binding workshop

19th March (sat), 14:00-16:00

70euro incl.BTW & material

In Edo period (16-19century), various stab binding styles were developed and created by craftmans because of the boom in publishing.  You will learn 3 different kinds of Japanese stab binding techniques and make A6 notebooks with Japanese Washi papers.

Workshop leader: Chika Ito



Washi / Japanese paper making workshop

9th April (sat), 13:30-17:00

60euro incl.BTW & material

On 26th November 2014, UNESCO decided to add the traditional technique of crafting Japanese-style “Washi” paper to its list of intangible cultural heritage.

You can experience the whole process of  making  Washi paper.

Workshop leader: Annelinde de Jong


Detailed pages for the workshops will be published about a month before each workshop takes place, please remember to check!