Takako Hamano Solo exhibition “A view from Arnemuiden to Awashima +”

The solo exhibition of Takako Hamano “ A view from Arnemuiden to Awashima+” is being held at JCE until 26th September. The opening was on the 3rd Sep with many visitors, and there was also a witty and insightful speech from Mr.Menno Fitski, curator of Asian art in Rijks meseum.


Except the wall drawing, all the works were made in the previous 3 projects Takako was working on. The projects took place in different times and locations(Arnemuiden/the Netherlands, Awashima and Kubotsu/Japan)

Takako started projects with doing a field research, collecting myths, legends and actual stories of local people of the places. The collected information and images became the starting point and resulted in drawings, photographic works, books and animation.

For Takako, drawing, one of the most used media in her works, is something that gives her “freedom”. Although she started working with certain stories and images she collected through the field research, she was open for intuitive and spontaneous lines and images that came along with the act of drawing. Figurative expression can be seen in many drawings, but there is always a point that makes them “mysterious”.


As Mr.Fistki also mentioned in his speech, “Interconnectedness” is one of the keywords for Takako’s activities as an artist.

In this exhibition, Takako composed an installation with the works which derived from different time and geographical context. The composition of the works are not necessarily based on the contexts they have, it is rather intuitive and playful. And new relations and connections seem to appear.

image13 Òü«Òé│ÒâÆÒéÜÒâ╝

Looking the works carefully and following the streams, you would realize the images resonate each other within and over the works, and also include the space surrounding them.

From the distant perspective, the images feel as if they are fragmental memories floating around and reminding each other.



The drawings and photographs can also be seen in the book works and animation. With the narration and sound, and the stream of pages in the book, the different “connections” could be found than only looking at drawings and photographs.

“I am formed by the world surrounds me. Without the world, I would not exist.” says Takako.

Each works has certain autonomy, but at the same time in this specific installation, the works create a new narrative in connection with the others, and also provide a unique experience you could only get from this exhibition.

The exhibition runs till the 26th. There is only few days to be seen, please come and experience!

Photo; Hiroshi Ono