Amsterdam Gay Pride 2015

Amsterdam Gay Pride 2015


The Amsterdam Gay Pride took place last week. It started in 1996, since then ever year it happens from the last week of July to the first week of August. Amsterdam Gay Pride is not only one of the biggest amongst the gay pride events in the world but also one of the notable events in Amsterdam.

The canal parade was on 1st of August , and there were 80 boats in total “marching “and it attracted tens of thousands audiences. It had been unfortunately unpleasant and non summer like weather-wise before. But on the day of parade, the sky showed up with a little cloud not being too hot, so it ended up being sort of a perfect weather to attend in the highly packed streets along the canal.

There are quite a diversity in the groups participating, such as big corporations sponsoring the event, the Dutch national institutions, NPO, and a fetish shop in town. They entertain the audience with the flamboyantly decorated boats and dancing in fabulous costumes.

P1100109 Municipal office of Amsterdam

P1100148Aids Fonds

P1100167 Fetish shop

P1100160 Post Office

P1100137Ministry of defense

P1100118And a man,,,,

Throughout the pride week, you can experience the week with diverse events from cultural ones to a kinky party for beginners. For instance, in the Artis Zoo, specialists give a tour introducing the gay animals and some galleries make special exhibitions on LGBT theme.

The flags for the Amsterdam pride can be seen all over in the city, even the Stedelijk contemporary art museum make their own pride flags and a supermarket make a pride corner. You can feel that the whole city is trying to warm up and support the pride event and make it more enjoyable.

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You can apply for participating the canal pride in 2016 already in January next year, so be quick!