Japanese Paper Making Workshop!

Japanese Paper Making Workshop!

Japan Cultural Exchange organize the workshop series “Japanese Handwork“, we had our 2nd workshop “Japanese Paper (Washi) Making Workshop” on 11th July.

The workshop leader was Ms. Annelinde de Jong, she is a yound Dutch artist, who stayed in Kyoto for artist is residence “Kyoto Machiya AIR“. During the stay, she spent sometime in Ayabe, which is the north from the city of Kyoto. That are is know for “Kurotani Washi” paper, rich clear water from the mountain. That is the most important elements of Japanese paper making.  She stayed in the house of Mr. Hayashi, who is the paper making craftsman / artist. Annelinde could learn fro him how to make Washi paper.

After she came back from Japan, she has continued making paper with researches of materials, which is possible to do in Amsterdam, and she developed her own skill and knowledges, ideas. She also makes art pieces, and using washi paper as a material. Washi seems quite important part of her creation, JCE found it great, therefore, we wanted to have her workshop in our space.


We started with 30 minutes lecture about Washi. Annelinde told about the history, mentioned also about the special exhibition of “Rembrandt and Echizen Washi” in Rembrandthuis, told about different materials and step by step introduction of washi production.

After the lecture, started paper making!



We tried making paper sheets with 4 sorts of materials of the paper, and after trying 4 of them, we could play with putting colors or putting some grasses on the paper to create special one!


Everybody were so concentrated for trying new and creating more, the room became really quite some moments! Also participants were learning from each other sharing ideas, it was really good group and atmosphere, we felt that 4 hours went so quick!


After the workshop, because of all the sheets are still wet, Annelinde took them all and press the sheets, and dry them, and brought them here few days later with beautiful rapping.

We loved the workshop and highly recommend to join!

Next “Japanese Paper Washi Making Workshop” will be on 14th November (sat)!