Study visit arrangement of Alzheimer Cafe

In our blog on 15th April, we wrote about “Alzheimer cafe” in the Netherlands. “Alzheimer Cafe” is a gathering event for everybody, mostly for the people who has alzheimer and dimentia and their families and people who are working for care, to share the information and knowledge, difficulties, and to create the network of alzheimer and dimentia patients and families.

JCE has arranged the study visits of some “Alzheimer Cafe” in the Netherlands for Mr. Tomoyuki Yabuki, a lecturer of Tohoku Fukushi Unversity (Faculty of General Welfare) and Chief trainer & researcher of Sendai Dementia Training and Research Center, and his wife, who is working as a care staff. They visited our office in the beginning of May, we could finally meet them after so many e-mail conversations!

They were visiting many “Alzheimer Cafe” in diverse areas almost everyday, and talked to many organizers and volunteer staffs of the event.

They have visited UK before the Netherlands. They told us very interesting story of the differences between UK and the Netherlands. The visitors of the events and the energy or atmosphere are very different, the time of the event can be different too. In UK, it can never be in the evening, but, here in the Netherlands, all generations go out often, so the events are mostly organized in the evening of week days.

And in Japan , it must be in the afternoon of weekend.

It seems that elder Dutch people are enjoying going out more than Japanese and English people!

To visit the places and experience, and compare. Bring the report and ideas to Japan, and change the shape as the most benefittable for most of the people in Japan.


Mr. Yabuki and the organization is working on opening the first Alzheimer Cafe in Japan.
JCE hope that this study visit will give big inspiration and knowledge for Mr & Mrs Yabuki and their colleagues!