“Japan Market” vol.2 has successfully ended!


On 13th June (sat), it was our 2nd Japan Market, which ended successfully without any big troubles and accidents! Japan Cultural Exchange (JCE) team is so happy to ended safely! Thank you very much for everyone who came to the market, and who had a stand in the market!

The 1st “Japan Market” was in April, we organized at the 2nd floor of ‘t Japans Cultureel Centrum. We thought that it will need sometime to grow, so we make it small. We had less than 10 stands and small amount of visitors.

And this time, we suddenly got very big reaction by Facebook!

We set the date of the 2nd market, and made an event page on Facebook, didn’t do much advertisement yet, and that event page became very popular naturally without any of our efforts.

When the numbers of “Going” reached to 2000 people, we thought that we really need to look for bigger venue, even with the uncertainty of Facebook numbers, couples of hundreds visitors might be really coming. So, we changed the location to Lloyd Hotel. We think that without support of Lloyd Hotel, we couldn’t make it!

Eventually, the numbers of “Going” on Facebook event page reached more than 5000. And actual number of the visitors was around 1800 people! We have never imagined that so many people are coming to our event, which is just 2nd time.

JCE found it very interesting that we saw most of visitors look like not “Japan lovers” or Anime fans, most of them look like they’re not particularly Japan fans, they look normal fashionable Dutch people. The visitors were nicely mixed with all the ages, and many young generation (20 – 30’s) came. We’ve seen quite same type of audiences in several Japanese event in the Netherlands, but this was something new to us.

Does that mean that the general interest of “Japan” is expanding? That would be wonderful!

By amazingly big support of Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, the venue was ready on time and no big troubles or confusions. The hotel staff was also surprised that they see first time that the street in front of the hotel was so busy at 11 AM. Their great cafe was just all the time full of people on that day.


The non-food section was doing good, the sellers were all satisfied. Those stands were mainly artists or designers who makes their own products, which related to Japanese crafts, or some sellers are small importer of Japanese lifestyle products. JCE wanted to introduce those people’s work, so that we wanted to create the space. That’s the starting point of “Japan Market” so, we’re also very happy about the result!

But we found the food stands a bit problems. Those sellers can’t make 1000 pieces of snacks or lunch boxes, many of them sold out quickly. That was really pity, many visitors came for food, but they didn’t get anything. We’ll solve this problem next time!


We did our best we could, but there were many things that we can make them better next time. Like putting bigger signs, so people find the way easily.

It is such a great opportunity for us! We’re so thankful for all the visitors and participants, and the people who supported us, and of cause, for Lloyd Hotel and ‘t Japan Cultureel Centrum (They supports us all the time!).

We’ll continue organizing “Japan Market”, and next time will be better! We’ll announce the date and location as soon as we know for sure!

* Those pictures are taken by Japanese photographer Hiroshi Ono. Please enjoy!