Gathering about artistic experiences in Japan

6 juni-1

We had our first artist talk event “Japan Experiences” ton last Saturday, and it was a great success!

It was sunny great Saturday afternoon, but many people came for the event, and we’re sitting in the dark room together and hearing inspiring talks…. Thank you so much for coming!

The contents of the event became really rich at the end. Ms. Mami Odai, a director of Sapporo Tenjin-yama Art Studio joined the discussion and Mrs. Douke IJsselstein from Mondriaan Fonds gave a short lecture. That was really great help for the Dutch artists who are willing / planning to go to Japan.

We had 2 great presentations from Elodie Hiryczuk and Jorge Manes Rubio. We had contact with Elodie and Jorge before they were going to Japan and listen their plan of residency. We wanted to support them, and they promised us to give the presentation after their residency. They’re good artists with interesting ideas, and we were purely interested in knowing what they will take from the experience of their stay. We wanted to see their artistic result of the residency, and listening their experiences in Japan must be interesting, and it should be inspiring for other artists too.

The presentations from both were much more interesting than our expectations! The presentations of Elodie and Jorge were quite different, Elodie went to AIT Arts Initiative Tokyo for research project from 19 January to 16 April 2015. She told us about her researches of perspectives and optical views of East and West, and her experiences of meeting various Japanese people and trying to understand “Ma” or “in between”… it sounded like a journey, she was asking many people questions and couldn’t get the clear answers, and she went for travel, and eventually she understood “Ma” a bit better from the experiences.

After the presentation of Elodie, there was the presentation of Jorge. He went to Yamaguchi prefecture for participating in the Akiyoshidai International Art Village Residency between 12 Feb and 15 March 2015. He told us the story… it was fun and full of surprises, and we didn’t know what’s the truth and what’s the fantasy…. And event for Japanese people, the detailed story of Ube was fascinating.

After 2 presentations, we had Q& A and discussions together with Mami and Duke. Many questions from audiences and everybody gave information and advice, it was just really good.

Ended the event with chatting with many people and making contacts to each other, drinking, and everybody looked happy and satisfied. For us, as Japanese living in abroad, there are always something surprising and inspiring from knowing foreign artist’s experiences. We simply like to see Japan from other perspective, which give us the opportunities of realizing our own culture. It is also just so nice to share the journey together with foreign artists what they find out in Japan.

We’d like to thank Isjah Koopejan for leading the event as a moderator, and Elodie and Jorge, Amanda, Mami, Douke. We’ll continue organizing this event…so, till next time!!