Our 1st “Japan Market” was successfully ended!

2015-04-11 15.00.47

On 11th April (sat), JCE organized “Japan Market” at the 2nd floor of ‘t Japans Cultureel Centrum. It was our first big event, and the weather became bad, raining quite hard sometimes, but there were many visitors, who are spontaneously interested in Japan related products and food!

foto 5Tasteful ceramic products from Takumi Craftworks…

foto 1The Macrobiotic cafe “Malicafe” brought healthy DONBURI and sweets!

JCE has joined the market, selling 3 sorts of Japanese tea and sweets! I tasted all the foods (sushi and vegan donburi, sweets) and bought nice earrings from Yworld and a beautiful ceramic bowl from Takumi Craftworks.

2015-04-11 13.38.52

There was a Ikebana demonstration by Ms. Ryoko Nishimura, a participant from Deshima AIR. She works as a professional flower artist in Kyoto. She is working on experiencing the Dutch flower shops and also developing the flower event in Amsterdam.

This time, we had booths from Yworld, Takumi Craftworks, Malicafe, Lies Verdenius, Annelinde de Jong, Things with Souls, Sukeroku Sushi, ‘t Japanse Winkeltje in Japan Market! Thank you for joinig us!

The next Japan Market will be in June and it will be bigger and more booths! Will be announced soon!