Nieuwe locatie! 13 juni ”Japan Market” in Lloyd Hotel!

Vanwege de overweldigende interesse in onze tweede Japan Market op Facebook zal deze op een andere grotere locatie gehouden worden, namelijk het Lloyd Hotel.
Het Lloyd Hotel is gevestigd in een bijzonder historisch pand met design interieur en bevindt zich in Zeeburg, ten oosten van Amsterdam Centraal.

Dit is een markt voor Japanse cultuur, kunst, voedsel, handwerk, etc.

Datum en tijd: Zaterdag 13 juni 2015 van 11:00 tot 18:00
Locatie: Lloyd Hotel, Oostelijke Handelskade 34, 1019 BN Amsterdam
OV: Tram 10 en 26, halte Rietlandpark
Toegang: gratis
Voor meer informatie:  Request form & applications

Visiting Alzheimer Cafe

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Recently, JCE has visited “Alzheimer Cafe” in Amsterdam West. Alzheimer Cafe is a gathering event for everybody, mostly for the people who has alzheimer and dimentia and their families and people who are working for care.

The organization “Alzheimer Nederland” is supporting to organize the Alzheimer Cafe in every area’s and giving information about alzheimer, and many local groups are organizing this event every month. The staffs of Alzheimer Cafe are all volunteers.

There were about 30 visitors, elder people mostly and some young people too, the staff welcomed us and offered us free drinks. It was cheerful atmosphere, nothing depressing. After getting the drinks, the program of the day has started.

There were 3 persons. A woman, who was a moderator and 1 couple. The wife has alzheimer and her husband. We saw a short film, which was the documentary of their life with alzheimer. By seeing their real life with problems and interviews, we could understand about alzheimer deeper. I found that the idea of alzheimer I had in my head was quite different from what I saw in the film.

After the film, the Q&A and discussion has started, and most of the people asked something or telling their comments. It was great sharing of information and emotions about alzheimer, between patients and families.

JCE went this event, because of the client who will be visiting many Alzheimer Cafe in the Netherlands. We didn’t know about this event and not much about the movement about alzheimer in the Netherlands, so it was great opportunity for us to discover it, and we appreciate this organization so much.

The situation of alzheimer in Japan is very different, because of the system and the mentality, and the society are all different. Therefore, it is important to look outside of the country and learn from it is quite inspiring and we think it’s important. I was thinking if it’s working out like this, if there is Alzheimer Cafe in Japan. It can work out differently, but it seems still worth trying something like this, for developing the safety networks.

Amsterdam Denim Days

Amsterdam Denim Days

ADD31There was the new big event in Amsterdam between 13 and 18th April, it’s called “Amsterdam Denim Days” at Westerpark in Amsterdam.

Yesterday and today (17th & 18th April) were “Blueprint Programme”, it was open for public, and I wanted to see the event, because of 2 reasons.

1. I wanted to see the influence of Japanese denims from Okayama. For denim lovers, Okayama is known as high quality denim place, I’ve heard from several times that Dutch people mentioned the name “Okayama”.

2. There were interesting workshop of Indigo dying and “Sashiko”. I know that indigo dying workshops are popular, but Sashiko was a surprise. JCE is actually planning to organize Sashiko workshop, so I wanted to see how they do it and how is the people’s reaction.

3. The Regional Community College of Amsterdam (ROCvA) has started the world’s first denim education “The Jean School” in 2012. In this event, “The Jean School” was exhibited, and I wanted to see the students of the school and development.


“The Jean School” was really nice, there were many students working with sewing machines. I spoke to one of the students, and she said that they can study all about denims and jeans in the school, from dying and weaving to designing and patterns and producing, everything! All the students looked so happy and proud what they’re learning.

There was the exhibition of old & unique denim cloths. In there I found an old Japanese indigo working jackets! It’s interesting to see Dutch denim lovers really appreciate this Japanese worker’s cloth.

There was a Japanese guy also having booth and selling vintage denim items. His products are very unique to Dutch audiences, he was very popular.

ADD26There were the indigo dying and “Sashiko” workshops. They said that the workshops are fully booked. Both workshop leaders were Dutch ladies, they went to Japan and studied the techniques. Now in Amsterdam, they are giving workshops and producing products. The workshops were very simple, but it gave the idea of working with hands in short time.


There was the market, many denim shops could sell their products. It was such a nice Saturday with beautiful weather, and many cool looking people with jeans in Westerpark today!

Our 1st “Japan Market” was successfully ended!

2015-04-11 15.00.47

On 11th April (sat), JCE organized “Japan Market” at the 2nd floor of ’t Japans Cultureel Centrum. It was our first big event, and the weather became bad, raining quite hard sometimes, but there were many visitors, who are spontaneously interested in Japan related products and food!

foto 5Tasteful ceramic products from Takumi Craftworks…

foto 1The Macrobiotic cafe “Malicafe” brought healthy DONBURI and sweets!

JCE has joined the market, selling 3 sorts of Japanese tea and sweets! I tasted all the foods (sushi and vegan donburi, sweets) and bought nice earrings from Yworld and a beautiful ceramic bowl from Takumi Craftworks.

2015-04-11 13.38.52

There was a Ikebana demonstration by Ms. Ryoko Nishimura, a participant from Deshima AIR. She works as a professional flower artist in Kyoto. She is working on experiencing the Dutch flower shops and also developing the flower event in Amsterdam.

This time, we had booths from Yworld, Takumi Craftworks, Malicafe, Lies Verdenius, Annelinde de Jong, Things with Souls, Sukeroku Sushi, ’t Japanse Winkeltje in Japan Market! Thank you for joinig us!

The next Japan Market will be in June and it will be bigger and more booths! Will be announced soon!

11 april “Japan Market”

Japan Market 11 april

Op 1 minuut lopen van de Dam, in het centrum van Amsterdam, zal de ‘Japan Market’ plaatsvinden. Dit is een markt voor Japanse cultuur, kunst, voedsel, handwerk, etc. De markt zal worden gehouden op de verdieping boven het ’t Japanse Winkeltje.

Datum en tijd: Zaterdag 11 april 12:00-17:00
Locatie: ‘t Japans Cultureel Centrum, Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 177 (2de verdieping), Amsterdam
Toegang: Gratis